Onshore offers a selection of Welding services and high-quality products to provide customers with a variety of solutions tailored to their particular needs.

We follow ISO quality management systems and invest in extensive research and development to respond to our clients’ requirements and provide top-tier and expansive products and services. We associate with renowned brands to run operations efficiently and deliver products in a timely manner, maintaining strong relationships with our collaborators and clients.

With a portfolio of brands that includes premium suppliers such as Sincosald, Geotex, Sakura and Weldman, our catalog features a spectrum of specialized products, from welding carbon steel and stainless steel to covered electrodes and filler wire.

Additionally, we offer a range of premium products such as mig and tig consumables, mig and tig torch, hand cutting torch, gouging torch, gas cutting torch, regulators, electrode, gouging electrode, holders and clamps, mig and tig machine, oven spares, anti-spatter, multipurpose cleaner, pickling paste, saw – stainless steel, zinc spray, copper phosphorus alloy, helmet safety, tips, nozzles, arrestors, connectors, pipe cutting, welding spares, oven portable, oven big, plate cutting, gas cutting, regulators – cutting, visor and head gear, welding gauges, pure tungsten, gouging rods, paint marker low chloride, tempindic temperature crayons, solid marker low halogen, paint marker.